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Antoine Dupuy Larbre is an artist preoccupied by legitimacy-related issues when taking up space, by the thoughts around artistic and cultural production, by the understanding and awareness of the maintenance systems of the body and the world, as well as . Anchored in a contemporary dance training (P.A.R.T.S. Training Cycle 2019-2022), his different artistic practices develop a thinking of the performative arts that goes beyond the institutional theater stage to reach out also to literary writing, radio production, care practices and theory reading.


In 2018, he co-founded the GÉO project with Aliénor Chamoux, with the idea of putting the processes of deceleration, cooperation, discussion, sharing, collecting and accumulation back at the basis of their nascent joint artistic production.


Recently, his latest performance #BACKTONATURE disrupted our* Western, supposedly universal and 'natural' relationship to nature in a counter-logic that brought out all its fictional, social, linguistic and appropriative parameters, as well as our access to truth, reality and the human body.


In 2022, he initiated the double-project TOWARDS UNINTELLIGIBILITY in a care home in Brussels: an artistic project because it seeks to re-produce and re-give time to the non-comprehensibility of things, & a socio-cultural project because it is in daily cohabitation with the residents, making these exchanges and influences a human-scale adventure.


Antoine is in direct discussion with several artists whom he assists according to their projects and personalities, notably with César Vayssié after an internship he did as part of his studies. By following the process of Ricorda ti che è un film comico, Antoine has the chance to pursue his affinity for the absurd and his taste for performative collage.

Although he finds it kitschy to say so, Antony finds it inevitable that the methods of artistic production he favours influence his life and his artistic practices. To be continued...


* Antoine is/is perceived as a cis-gender, queer, white, comfortable middle-class man, bordering on bobo-ism. He lives and works in Brussels and Paris where he was born.

update: end-of-August 2022

all pictures by wonderful Charlotte Cétaire


— César Vayssié, Ricorda ti che è un film comico (rehearsal director and artistic assistant, 2022)

— Biret Haarla Pieski & Gáddjá Haarla Pieski, Starting from Staring (dramaturgical assistance, 2022)

— César Vayssié, Péter le cube (intern assistant, 2021)

— Urtė Groblytė, Let the carrot speak? (dramaturg, 2021-2022)

— Ching-Shu Huang, 物我相忘 The dissolving self (artistic companion, 2021-2022)

— Aliénor Chamoux, La vieille, Sans Titre n°86 (outside eye, 2019)

— Aliénor Chamoux, ÉGO-GÉO (outside eye, 2019-2022)

— Aliénor Chamoux, Sans Titre n°84 (performer and assitant, 2018-2019)

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