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antoine dupuy larbre




Antoine is an artist, choreographer, dramaturg and writer.

After studying contemporary dance at CRR de Paris as well as P.A.R.T.S.(Performing Art Research Training Studios), Antoine decides to pursue the creation of his own artistic work and collaborates regularly with Bojana Cvejić, dramaturg and philosopher, as well as Anja Röttgerkamp, fasciatherapist and choreography assistant. His graduation performance #BACKTONATURE was presented as part of the EXiiiT festival
of P.A.R.T.S.

Antoine is in constant dialogue with several artists with very varied practices, and in particular assistant dramaturge for César Vayssié, Mooni Van Tichel, Alix Boillot, the Biret and Gáddjá Haarla Pieski sisters, Julia Droga, Ching-Shu Huang and Urtė Groblytė. He takes part in several dramaturgical seminars organized at La Bellone in Brussels, Performing Art Forum in St-Erme, as well as at CN D in Paris.

He founded the collective leprojeto in 2018 in order to maintain the dialogue around the works of art created, as well as to structure and maintain artistic research in groups. In August 2022, the collective began a long-term residency project in a retirement home in Brussels in order to develop a thought of presence with the elderly. Together, they nurture this intergenerational adventure with artistic research on the concept-word of unintelligibility. The group is currently focusing on the production of various artistic formats (radio projects, performative guided tours, etc.) aimed at making the fruits of this dual social and artistic project accessible.

He has been perfrming for Philipp Gehmacher, Maria Hassabi and more recently for Gisèle Vienne as an interpreter for the tour of Crowd.

Apart from his practice as a dramaturg, Antoine is currently engaged in writing a new text as well as in the creation of a contemporary dance solo Working Dance. He is trainning in fasciatherapy and parctices collage in his spare time.

He lives and works in Paris and Brussels.


updated: April 2023

photos: Charlotte Cetaire

performances and projects initiated

Working dance, Untitled n°92 — leprojeto

The Administrative Hotelleprojetgéo


#BACKTONATURE, Untitled n°90 — leprojetgéo

— SMICE, Untitled n°87 — leprojetgéo

other collaborations

— Jana Van Brussel, photography project (2023)

—Mooni Van Tichel, Zeroes and Ones - working title (dramaturgy, 2023-24) — leprojetgéo

— Gisele Vienne, Crowd (performer, 2023)

— at La Bellone, Seminar cycle on dramaturgical practices (participant, 2023)

— at CIFAS, Constellation 2023 (participant, 2023)

— Cesar Vayssie, Ricorda ti che è un film comico (assistant director, 2022)

— Urtė Groblytė & Charlotte Cétaire, Nofences (outside eye, 2022)

— Biret Haarla Pieski & Gáddjá Haarla Pieski, Starting from Staring (dramaturgy assistant, 2022)

— Cesar Vayssie, Péter le Cube (intern, 2021)

— Urtė Groblytė, Let the carrot speak? (dramaturgy, 2021-2022)

— Ching-Shu Huang, 物我相忘 The dissolving self (artistic companion, 2021-22)

— Aliénor Chamoux, The old woman, Untitled n°86 (outside eye, 2019) leprojetgéo

— Aliénor Chamoux, EGO-GEO(outer eye, 2019-2022) leprojetgéo

— Aliénor Chamoux, Untitled #84(performer and assistant, 2019-2022) leprojetgéo


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