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 ~ GÉO's manifesto ~ 

In 2018, Aliénor Chamoux, Jeanne Chauchat and Antoine Dupuy Larbre met

while studying contemporary dance in Paris. Their first performance

Sans Titre n°84 marked the beginning of a relationship of trust between the

three artists and the very first stammering of a research whose ramifications

will not cease to extend.

GÉO finds its genesis in the swarming creation of Sans Titre n°84 / in the bubbling of references shared together / in the surges of happiness of friendship found and mutual artistic taste / in the common awareness of the stakes of oppressive patriarchal, racial, capitalist and authoritarian regimes / in the effervescence of the XXIst century / in the - more air to breathe. And space. We needed more air to breathe and to take in this exciting search for knowledge. GÉO became the code name given to this lucid disgust of individualism, to this necessary retreat into a group, to this fundamental need to return to a human, social scale, to a will to act starting from our medium, the body and performance, to this collective commitment to speak again, to rethink, to re-create spaces, scenes, paths of passage.

The "Untitled" series grows out of a doubt: how to integrate the knots and thorns of GEO's discussions into abstract performances? How to avoid political disengagement on stage, the hollow, the insignificant, the messy, the too full? The idea is then to approach the whole through the detail, and to think each small independent particle in dialogue with the others. This ecosystem of performances and artworks would draw, as it goes along, a complex landscape of the infinitely small, a plurality of intelligible facets, an accumulation of possibilities to speak of the whole, to materialize GÉO .


The collective puts the phenomena of narration back at the centre of its concerns and tries to reintegrate a bit of the imaginary, the marvellous and hopeful into its very structure. The guild chooses a particle to make GÉO an entity in movement towards unpredictable forms. GÉO is a study project, an architect's model, a building under construction with cranes and paint cans lying around. GÉO became the GÉO project and wished itself to remain a perpetually unfinished working utopia.


Stammering into existence since its inception, the GÉO guild is working on projects for podcasts, events, performances, festivals, seminars, schools, summer schools, café-library-theatre, archiving, collages, books, interviews, useless stuff, spontaneous videos......


— 2022 January - translated with - credit pictures: Aliénor Chamoux & Antoine Dupuy Larbre


GÉO c'est une maison avec des labyrinthes, des tapisseries, des couleurs,
mais aussi avec des pièces toutes noires dans lesquelles on n'a pas envie de rentrer mais qui sont là, au cas où l'on changerait d'avis.

GÉO c'est la jouissance de trouver.

GÉO c'est la jouissance de l'oubli instantané.

GÉO c'est le goût de la première pêche que vous mangez.

GÉO c'est le homemade qualitatif, le DIY maîtrisé.

GÉO c'est faire.

GÉO c'est défaire.

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