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mooni van tichel

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Mooni Van Tichel is a dancer, performer and maker based in Brussels. Discovering dance through hiphop and breaking has shaped a lot of her interests and ways of thinking, relating to movement. She later came across contemporary dance, which led her to P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Art Research Training Studios), where she graduated from the Training Cycle (BA) in 2019 and from STUDIOS (MA) in 2021. Currently, she has resumed her original dance training to continue developing herself as a dancer, she performs for other artists and creates her own work.


In making work, Mooni often starts from feminist theory, science fiction aesthetics and narratives, and self-produced music. Using restrictive tasks or frameworks, she tries to develop specific logics of movement and layered dance materials. High intensity, the representation of violence, as well as the specific relation of the performer to her (female) body, are currently important to her.


In 2021, she received the De Troffel grant for her solo Deep Nyx, to help the further development of her work. She has since performed this solo in Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Festival Cement and Moving Futures Festival.

From 2023 until 2026, she is in-house artist at workspacebrussels. With this support, she has started to work on a new performance work, called Zeros and Ones (working title).

As a performer, she is currently engaged in The Honey House by Nathan Ooms, Tragédie, new edit by Olivier Dubois and PREY by Kris Verdonck.

Since 2022, she is a member of leprojetgéo notably for TOWARDS UNINTELLIGIBILITY, a double artistic research project based in Bellevue, a retirement home in Brussels.

Besides working as performer or maker, Mooni recently started to also assist other artists’ processes, as a choreographic or movement assistant, notably for Antoine Dupuy Larbre and Marthe Koning.


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