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leprojetgéo is a collective of artists based in Brussels, Paris and Montréal reuniting people from different artistic practices (dancers, choreographers, writers, stage designers, performance makers, dramaturgs).

Since 2018, the members of the guild* have been putting different practices and vernacular formats in place in order to materialize ‘the meta’ (i.e. all the things that are part of one’s experience of the world, but which remain invisible). In looking closely at the meta, the members ground their artistic production within the development of an awareness of different kinds (political, perceptual, theoretical...).

The collective has been thinking how to provide support in between artists, especially during their research and developmental process. By bringing awareness to this specific moment of artistic production, the collective attemps to practice slowing down, care and discussion for immerging and vulnerable ideas to root themselves within time and an already-existing ecosystem (of work, of artwork, of people, ...). géo actively looks for formats of exchange and hosts projects that inhibits (young) artists to isolation and hyperindividualisation.

In 2022, the collective opened a new chapter of its existence and launched TOWARDS UNINTELLIGIBILITY, a project merging all the aspects of the collective within the context of a care-home in Brussels.

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is run by the guild members (core members, facilitators and artistic directors of géo), with help of their allies, friends and collaborators.

They were part of géo's adventure(s), from near or far, for long or short :

Adela Martinez, Aliénor Chamoux, Aliya Davenne Idrissi, Andrea Carrion-Garcia, Anja Röttgerkamp, Antoine Dupuy Larbre, Axel Robin, Bojana Cvejić, Cecily Lewelling, Chanel Cheiban, Elsa Tagawa, Lola Dupriez, Luce Lainé, Jeanne Chauchat, Jérôme Zergues, Juliette Masson, Nadine Laurent, Manon Hostie, Mooni Van Tichel, Selby Jenkins, Urtė Groblytė


in alphabetical order of first names - update may 2023

for any additional information, omission or removal from the list,
please contact

*guilde (n.f.)

XIIIe siècle, gild. Emprunté, par l'intermédiaire du latin médiéval gilda, du moyen néerlandais gilde, « réunion de fête ».

Association confraternelle ou économique regroupant dans certains pays d'Europe au Moyen Âge, et parfois jusqu'à nos jours, des personnes ayant des intérêts communs (marchands, artisans, artistiques).

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